Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scrapbooking... such a part of my life

I will admit it - I love to Scrapbook. I am your typical scrapbooker that also loves to shop for scrapbooking supplies... this means I have lots of stuff... LOTS of stuff.

My husband is amazing - he supports my scrapbooking and always tells me that my layouts look great and my work is amazing. He is always so proud of my work (and doesn't seem at all annoyed by all the shopping) so really I couldn't ask for more then that!

Since I am so lucky to get to stay at home with my son, I decided that I should try to do something to make a little extra cash. So I have contacted a friend that owns and runs a local scrapbooking store and she has said that I can start designing kits for her store! I am so excited. I really think that I can do a great job at this and I just can't wait to start. It is going to be amazing and just another page in my scrappy style life!
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