Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When you are this big...

I have been working really hard to finish some tutorials for the scrapbook 101 section but you know what I have just started to learn? 8 months pregnant = less energy! My little brother and his girlfriend have come from out of town for a visit so we have been doing lots of visiting... This morning was filled with playtime for Dax and Uncle and Auntie outside. We even pulled out the outdoor pool - just a kiddie pool - but a pool none the less. This afternoon my sweet little brother took me to the store for paint for the new baby's room and to the grocery store! What a good little brother... And tonight we all enjoyed our little treat bags with candy while we watched Toy Story 3 - What a day! Yes it is true: 8 months pregnant means I am nearly ready for bed (I of course should have mentioned the 3 cooked meals, cleaned up kitchen and a load of laundry!) But I can hardly believe that tomorrow it will only be 4 weeks until the baby is here!

Keep watching, I promise there will be some exciting scrapbooking posts VERY soon!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Saturday

Just a quick post to say HAPPY SATURDAY! Yesterday I went to a local garden called the Devonian Gardens. It is really beautiful and they have an area that is a Japanese Garden. I was quite excited as I know that my local scrapbook store has some new paper by Creative Imaginations called Sakura that will be perfect for my pictures (here is a peak at the collection):
It is a beautiful line and I cant wait to get working on this newest project. 

Have a beautiful Saturday wherever you are!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am back!

That's it! I am committed! I am back with a vengeance! I have decided to really get into the world of blogging. Since I write blog updates for the local scrapbook store that I work at I just have come to realize that I love it! I like getting thoughts on paper (so to speak) and I love having a record of all that is going on. So, that is it - I am back! I have been working really hard to get my blog up to speed in terms of design, layout and content so rest assured that there should be changes on here almost daily!!

For now - that is all I have to say - but watch out because soon, very soon, there are going to be some really fantastic things happening here and you do not want to miss it! (Ok - you need inspiration to come back - I get that - some of those things will include tips, techniques, tutorials, and prizes!!)

I will leave you with this - it is not entirely scrapbooking related - just a photo I love. Thanks Shellie for the excellent maternity photos - your skills are amazing!

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