Thursday, September 1, 2011

The newest subject!

I have a new scrapbooking subject. I won't lie - he is totally adorable and will be the star of many layouts. He is my new little baby - Reeve. Our family is so proud of our newest edition, Reeve Walker Parent. He was welcomed on July 27th at 8:27 at a good size of 7 lbs 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches.

This picture captured the only time we have ever heard him cry... (why are you laughing - haven't you heard of those babies that never cry, sleep through the night and are completely potty trained when you bring them home? That is what I had - I swear!)

After that it was peace... 

 And quiet...

 Till we got home and thought we might try to have a family picture... 
Take 1

 Take 2

 Take 3

 And here is where my cousin Cody helped out... 
Take 4

Life will never be the same... And I LOVE it!
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  1. Tasha, the baby pics are SO ADORABLE! Why did my kids look so ugly as newborns in the hospital??? {JK} lol! And the new family of 4 pics...HILARIOUS!! Love how you posted ALL the "takes" and my vote goes to number 4 to get scrapbooked...ha ha ha! Good job, Cody! Congrats to you and Wade and Dax!